The land on which the Church of Saint Peter in Chains is built was bought on 30 January 1924 from the Earl of Eglinton and Winton for £4500.
Golden Jubilee Book

The Church is built on three feet of Irish soil.
Built On Irish Soil

The Church was opened on 2 October 1938 by the Archbishop of Glasgow, Donald Mackintosh.
Opening Ceremony

The Church was part of the Archdiocese of Glasgow until it was transferred to the Diocese of Galloway in 1948.

The first Mass involved three priests all born in Ardrossan - Father Archibald McSparran, Father James McCarroll and Father Robert McCliment.
Opening Ceremony

There have been seven Parish Priests - Monsignor Archibald McSparran, Father Peter Fitzpatrick, Father William McBurnie, Canon Lawrence Fischer, Father Michael Lynch, Canon Matt McManus and Duncan McVicar.

There have been ten Curates - Canon Matthew Littleton, Father James O'Sullivan, Canon Charles Matthews, Father John Murphy, Canon John Walls, Father Alastair Tosh, Father Declan Kelly, Father Joseph Glendinning, Father John McCaig and Father Paul O'Brien.

It is very rare for a native of a town to become its Parish Priest. Archibald McSparran was born at Harbour Lane, Ardrossan in 1882. He became Parish Priest in 1946. He died in the Presbytery at 9 South Crescent in 1950. His place of birth, his Church and place of death spanned no more than half a mile.

McSparran Road in Croy, Lanarkshire is named after the first Parish Priest of the Church of Saint Peter in Chains. Father Archibald McSparran served at Holy Cross Church, Croy from 1930 to 1933.

In the late 1950s and 1960s, Father Lawrence Fischer drove a black Morris Oxford MO car with registration mark DAG 55. He later bought a beige Morris 1100.

The Michael Lynch Centre in Princes Street, Ardrossan is named after Father Michael Lynch.

There have been six ordinations to the priesthood in the Church of Saint Peter in Chains. Five other men born in Ardrossan have been ordained elswhere. Three other parishioners have also been ordained elsewhere.

Maurice Taylor's first ordination as Bishop of Galloway was in the Church of Saint Peter in Chains when he ordained Peter Magee on 2 July 1981. Twenty-two years later, he performed his last ordination as Bishop in the same Church when he ordained Stephen McGrattan on 6 July 2003.

The oldest person for whom a Requiem Mass was said in Saint Peter's was Margaret Edmond previously Townsley neé Brown. Margaret was 103 years and 66 days old when she died on 16 February 1996. Her funeral was held on 22 February 1996. Margaret is buried in Ardrossan Cemetery.

The centre aisle is 20.63 metres long and 1.34 metres wide.

The internal height from floor to ceiling is 8.67 metres.

On the outside wall, there are 1074 panes of glass in the windows.

The 1960 Sale of Work was opened by an entertainer who sang at The White House three times for Presidents John F Kennedy, Lyndon B Johnson and Richard Nixon. His name was Patrick O'Hagan. His son, Johnny Logan, won the Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland in 1980 and 1987 and composed the winning entry for Ireland in 1992.
Sales Of Work

The Church of Saint Peter in Chains in Ardrossan is not the only one with that name. The only other one in Scotland is the Church of Saint Peter in Chains in Inverkeithing, Fife. There are two in England - one in Doncaster and one in London. The United States of America has three - in Cincinnati and Hamilton, both Ohio and Ruby, Alaska. There is a Cathedral Church of Saint Peter in Chains in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. The most famous Church with the same name is the Basilica of Saint Peter in Chains in Rome, Italy.

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