Our Parish Communities of Saint Bride’s and Saint Peter’s work tirelessly to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in a culture bent on pushing God to the margins. I am very grateful for all your financial contributions and donations. I would ask you, however, to consider making a Standing Order to aid our critical mission. Also if you pay tax, please consider signing a Gift Aid Form. This will not cost you anything but contributes an extra 25% to your donation. Both forms are available at the back of the Churches, from the Parish Office and through the links above and below. Another way of giving is by accessing the Online Parish Offertory at the Galloway Diocese website. There, you can register online for either Saint Bride’s or Saint Peter’s. As a Catholic charity, we very much rely on your support to sustain our ministry. Each year, our efforts help many people to come to a closer knowledge of Jesus Christ and to deepen their relationship with him in the Church. Please consider a regular Standing Order and Gift Aid so that we can continue to proclaim Christ in the culture in new and engaging ways. Please also have a look at Bishop Nolan’s Easter Appeal.

Having joined Saint Peter's choir on Good Friday, 15 April 1949, Jim Donnelly retired on Good Friday, 2 April 2021 after 72 years of faithful service.

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     Vigil 5.30 pm
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The Church of Saint Peter in
Chains is a Parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Galloway with Charity Number SC010576.