The Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF) and Justice and Peace Scotland are asking the Prime Minister to waive visa requirements for the people of Ukraine - and we need your support. No one can fail to be moved by the horrific situation faced by people in Ukraine. As we witness the conflict escalate daily, Ukrainians have been in all our thoughts and prayers. Many have sought refuge in other countries and some may wish to come to the United Kingdom. As we watch families trying to flee from danger, we need to open our hearts and welcome them. People who are exhausted and traumatised by the conflict should not have any barriers put in their way. In Scotland Archbishop William Nolan, and more than a thousand faith leaders from across the UK, have already written to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, urging him to reconsider the Nationality and Borders Bill. We must stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine by adding our voices too. Ukrainian people seeking refuge in this country need to be able to do so without fearing that they may get turned away. Please take action and let the Prime Minister know today that you think the UK should be a place that offers a safe and warm welcome to our sisters and brothers from Ukraine.
Join SCIAF and Justice and Peace Scotland in calling the government to act and ask the Prime Minister to waive visas for Ukrainian refugees, ensuring those who have been forced from their homes are able to reach safety by accessing Many thanks for your support.