16 September 2010

We travel to Bellahouston Park today. All being well, there will be photos of our pilgrimage on this website tomorrow.

15 September 2010

The Bishops' Conference Of Scotland website, has a Parish Zone Assignment Table and Zone Map Of Bellahouston Park available for viewing and downloading. Saint Peter's has been allocated Zone 23.

14 September 2010

Pilgrims are reminded that on Thursday 16 September, they should:
  - be at Ardrossan South Beach Station for 10:15 am
  - bring the Stagecoach letter as evidence of entitlement to a wristband
  - wear the wristband to gain access to trains and Bellahouston Park
  - bring some form of identification, not necessarily photographic
  - bring the Pilgrim Passport which includes instructions for the day
  - bring the Magnificat book

Beforehand, they should:
  - read the literature they have been provided with
  - read the information on this page and target the links that provide details given by the organisers

10 September 2010

The Pilgrim Packs have arrived. Pilgrims are asked to collect them from the Parish Centre foyer before or after the 5.30 pm Mass on Saturday or the 10.00 am or 12 noon Masses on Sunday.

The Papal Visit website, recommends that mobile phone numbers are exchanged within a Pilgrim Group as it would be helpful if one or two other Pilgrims could make contact if a necessity arose. Mobile phone numbers should also be given to our Pilgrim Leader, George Poole. This can be done by emailing The numbers will only be used, if required, for the purposes of the Visit and will not be given to any other party except the Police in the very unlikely event that they ask for them.

Please share this information with other Pilgrims, particularly those who do not have internet access.

9 September 2010

The principal source of information on this page is the authorities involved in organising the Papal Visit. There are some local issues that might be of interest to Pilgrims travelling from Saint Peter's. These are simply suggestions that may made the journey and its preparation easier. To distinguish them from official guidelines, they are shown in brown italic.

Pilgrims might consider:
  - fully charging mobile phones
  - ensuring, if appropriate, that there is sufficent pre-payment on mobile phones
  - fully charging cameras
  - ensuring that there is sufficent capacity on camera cards
  - carrying spare batteries
  - buying a folding chair from Ardrossan Asda who have reduced the cost to £3.50
  - not trying to park at South Beach Station because the car park is usually full by mid-morning and instead:
       - walking if they live nearby
       - getting a lift from a friend
       - parking in Saint Peter's car park if there are spaces available

These suggestions are offered in good faith with no implication that they should be heeded and with no responsibility accepted.

8 September 2010

The Papal Visit website, has a new document called Papal Mass Bellahouston Frequently Asked Questions.

In resolution of a contradiction, The Papal Visit Office has confirmed that photographic identification will not be required as a condition of entry to the Park in addition to the Pilgrim Pass. It is, however, strongly recommended that Pilgrims bring some form of identification in case it is required to assist the security operation.

The Pilgrim Packs will be available for collection from the Parish Office or Church as soon as they arrive, hopefully this week. Pilgrims will be informed through this website and Church bulletin. The Pilgrim Pack contains:
  - a Pilgrim Passport which includes instructions for the day
  - a compact disc of prayers, hymns, messages and information
  - a Pilgrim postcard
  - a Pilgrim rucksack for carrying things to the Mass
  - Mass details

Please share this information with other Pilgrims, particularly those who do not have internet access.

7 September 2010

The Papal Visit website, has very useful information. In particular, there is a section for Pilgrims intending to go to Bellahouston Park. Pilgrims are urged to read the General Information, Personal Preparation and Facilities On Site pages and download the Bellahouston Pilgrim Guide well in advance of 16 September.

The Bishops' Conference Of Scotland website, also contains helpful information including a Letter to Priests, Pilgrim Leaders and Pilgrims, Bellahouston Transport Arrangements, Bellahouston Frequently Asked Questions and A Plenary Indulgence.

Please share this information with other Pilgrims, particularly those who do not have internet access.

5 September 2010

Regardless of when the Pilgrim Packs and wristbands arrive, we have been instructed, for security reasons, to issue them at South Beach Station on the day of the event and not beforehand. The letter from Stagecoach must be brought to the station for collection of these items. The train leaves South Beach Station at 10:34 am. Please be there at 10:15 am to report your presence and collect the Pilgrim Packs and wristbands. Please check our website for 'breaking news', share it with Pilgrims who may not have internet access and, if in doubt, phone the Parish Office on 01294 464063. Please bring your Magnificat prayer book.

4 September 2010

Individual letters for each pilgrim arrived from Stagecoach giving details of travel arrangements. Every pilgrim should collect the letter at Mass this weekend or from the Parish Office between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm from Monday 6 to Friday 10 September. Payment of £20 should also be made. The main text of the letter is shown below.


You may be aware Stagecoach has been asked to coordinate the travel for the Papal Mass in Bellahouston Park on 16 September. This letter is detailing your travel arrangements. Please bring it with you to the Mass. As we are trying to provide transport for so many pilgrims and schools, it is important that you follow these arrangements as closely as possible. On the day, however, we cannot be entirely sure how the traffic will impact on arrangements so please bear with us if there are any unforeseen disruptions.

Your travel has been arranged by train. You will need to meet your Pilgrim Group at Ardrossan South Beach station where your Pilgrim Leader will provide you with your Pilgrim Pack and wristband. Your wristband will entitle you to travel on your allotted train when presented with this letter and must be shown to ScotRail staff when requested. This will then entitle you to a return trip to Bellahouston Park. If you miss your allocated train then you will be unable to board another service as this will disrupt the travel for other Pilgrims along the route. It is vital therefore that you arrive early at the station.

Your train will depart the station at 10:34 am and you will disembark at Cardonald Station. Please note that Cardonald Station is not Disability Discrimination Act compliant and cannot accommodate wheelchairs. If this prevents you from using this route then please inform your Parish Priest or Pilgrim Leader who will need to inform the Papal Visit company that you require alternative arrangements. From Cardonald, the Park will be signed and will be the green route. Your Pilgrim Leader has been provided with a map.

For the return trip, all Pilgrims are to exit in a phased manner. Your departure time is 7:40 pm. Please note that when you arrive at Cardonald Station, there will be a queuing system and Customer Service staff on hand to assist you to your correct queue and to access your train. Due to the high number of Pilgrims travelling, there is a high likelihood of queues for return to all locations.

Thank you for your help in ensuring that all pilgrims have a safe and smooth journey to and from the Papal Mass and blessings on your day.

31 August 2010

Canon Matt send a letter to every pilgrim giving the latest information available.

25 July 2010

George Poole was appointed Pilgrim Leader and George McGrattan as Names Registrar. The Pilgrim Leader coordinates arrangements and the Names Registrar maintains a list of pilgrims' details as instructed by The Office of the Papal Visit to the UK (Scotland) and the Police.