John Laurian Maendeleo was born in Kilimnajaro Region, Moshi Tanzania, Africa in 1962. His parents are Laurian Rabbi Kitabuka and Yohana Mkotoi Mambacho.
John has two brothers, Salvatore Lelo Kitabuka and Ambrose Miku Kitabuka and four sisters, Mary Mkaimani, Fransisca Mkamakonge, Salome Mkamaneno and Caroline Mkakituo.

John was educated at Uchau Primary School in Kibosho Moshi Tanzania, Apostle of Jesus Junior Seminary in Uru Moshi, Tanzania, Holy Ghost Fathers High Seminary in Usa River, Arusha, Tanzania, Ntungamo Philosophicum College in Bukoba, Tanzania, Holy Ghost Fathers Novitiate in Magamba Lushoto Tanga, Tanzania and Tangaza College of Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) in Naorobi, Kenya.

John was ordained a priest of the Congregation of Holy Ghost Fathers (Spiritans) on 29 May 1993 at Usa River Seminary, Arusha, Tanzania by Cardinal Polycarp Pengo, Archbishop of Dar-es-alaam, Tanzania.

Father John came to Saint Peter’s on 7 June 2006 and became a priest in residence. As well as helping Canon Matt with his duties in Ardrossan, Father John helped in neighbouring parishes.

Father John returned to his native Tanzania on 1 February 2008. To mark his time in Saint Peter's, there was A Scottish Farewell To Father John in late January in the Parish Centre. On 25 January, there was a gathering with a meal and entertainment. On 27 January, there was an 'open house' afternoon. Hundreds of parishioners and friends gathered to have refreshments and say A Scottish Farewell To Father John.

In April 2008, Father John was appointed to a teaching post with the Holy Ghost Fathers in the High Seminary in Usa River Arusha Tanzania, where he was involved in teaching English and responsible for the English Department. In September 2008, he transferred to Chiesa di San Rocco (Church of Saint Roch) in Turin, Italy to work with African immigrants. In 2011, he returned to work in his native Tanzania.

29 May 2018, Father John marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of his ordination. He was remembered at Mass in Saint Peter's.

Father John celebrated his anniversary on
15 August and 8 September 2018, once with in his home parish and again at his place of work.

The photograph in the top right corner was taken on 18 November 2007. The other photos were taken at Father John's anniversary celebrations on 15 August or 8 September 2018.